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Weeding Grooming

The Most Important Day of Your Life

Every woman wants to be at her most beautiful on her weeding day. A good weeding combing and weeding makeup are in line with your wishes and lasting pens, kisses, dances and photo shoots.


To the bride


Deciding on the perfect wedding combing can be an agonizing experience. Avoid panic and choose the most suitable H-Design bridal packages. Bridal packages give you the right services, whether you're looking for a more traditional, sophisticated, bold or small-scale hairstyle for a day when you walk wonderfully into a new phase of life. Our team creates hairstyles for you and your children who look great and create confidence. Talk to our Premium Support & Weeding Booking Assistant to discuss different bridal packages and enjoy the consultation and test haircut that is part of your wedding hairstyle, where our hairdressers will outline your upcoming wedding haircut. Enjoy good coffee and start perfectly preparing for your important day.

Wedding comb-out

The bride's hair can be left open or fixed. Usually the wedding comb is solemn with a hair ornament, flowers or veil attached to it. The bride can bring a picture of her upcoming dress to the audition, allowing it to be used in the design of the hairstyle.

Test combing and test makeup

Wedding combing and makeup include a test combing and test makeup as an integral part.

The purpose of the test combine is to back up the bride's and hairdresser's views of the final hairstyle. A test haircut isn't a ready-made wedding haircut. It's a plan that's not as sustainable as a wedding combing on a wedding day.

Test makeup is an important part of the success of wedding makeup. It is done to the bride in advance and its purpose is to find out what kind of makeup makes the wedding day perfect. Experimental makeup also reduces the ingenuity of an important day.

When you come to test makeup, you can bring pictures of self-pleasing makeup so that we can get on the same wavelength, for example, in terms of the intensity of makeup. If you wish, you can also bring a picture of your wedding dress.

In experimental makeup, it's a good idea to test the darkness of the makeup, shades and the basic products suitable for the bride (good to know if you're going for a spray tan, facial, eyelash extension, corner dyeing) and if you want eyelash tassels, then test the suitability of the glue.


Book in good time so that the whole wedding party can have time to get ready even on a tight schedule. Appointments to wedding services are only received by phone.

In order to speed up the service, it is a good idea to find at least the following information in the email

  • What services and for many people
  • What day is it?
  • A lot of people have to have an entourage ready to leave H-Design.

It is a good idea to do a test combing and makeup about 1-4 weeks before the wedding day. Please also ensure availability at your liking time early enough to design your makeup and hairstyle on the same visit.

Wedding nails, eyelash dyes and eyelash extensions should be done during the wedding week to ensure the best possible end result at the h-hour.

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