Ethicality of hair extensions

Ethicality of hair extensions

Those who dream of hair extensions often think about the origin of the hair and their ethics. Where do hair extensions come from and what does it cost? Is it ethically right to wear an extension hair?


Ethicality and quality of hair extensions

At Blackout, we use Kinnunen Oy’s Simply Natural hair for hair extensions. Choosing Simply Natural is natural especially for two reasons: high quality and ethical values. The story of simply naturalin extension hair goes back to 1999, when the company woke up to the poor overall quality of extension hair. Kinnunen as a hair company knew hairdressers’ wishes about hair quality and started developing the best extension hair in the world.

It all starts with the Tonsuuri ceremony.

Simply Natural hair originates in India. About half of Indians donate their hair at least once in their lives in connection with a religious tonsture ceremony to the gods. With hair donation, they thank their gods when a wish has come true.

Every year, millions of people travel to two temples in southern India, hoping for an answer to their prayers. Every miracle requires sacrifice to come true – and many pilgrims sacrifice their hair. By sacrificing something beautiful and important to themselves, the prayers hope that the sacrifice will fulfill the wish.

The story of the Amman family

A good example of the story of extension hair is the Amman family, which together try to reverse the bad luck that has hit them. The Amman family is in danger of losing their apartment in the Indian suburb of Chennai, Perambur.

Amma works as a cleaner, but it’s not easy. Her husband has lost his job and started drinking. At the same time, the eldest son failed in his studies. All the events have made Amman think about asking hindu gods for help. It’s not about tidying up her hair, it’s a head ride where all her 81cm long hair is shaved off.

Those who have made the sacrifice will receive financial compensation for the weight of the hair, but the money it will bring is not considered important, as the hair ride is done for reasons related to the ancient Hindu myth.

There are several versions of the myth, but they all focus on a god named Vishnu who was hit in the head with an axe. As a result of the beating, he lost some of his hair. An angel named Neela Devi offered her own hair for which Vishnu was so grateful that she decided to grant the wishes of those who sacrificed each of her hair.

Amma tells me she doesn’t know where her hair goes. When he hears, he laughs. “If it makes someone else look beautiful, I’m happy,” Amma says.

Auction of extension hair

Donated hair is auctioned in the temple and the proceeds are used to fund the temple’s activities as well as charity offering food to India’s poorest. Some of these auctioned hair ends up at simply natural’s factory. This is the only ethical way to get an extension hair because hair donation is voluntary.


Quality is visible even before surgery

To maintain the level of hair quality, the hair is braided before surgery to keep the strands of hair parallel. Fallen hair is not collected in hair folilets that go into Simply Natural production. This allows Simply Natural to guarantee that all of its hair is of Superremy quality, which means that all hair is 100% in the same direction. In the same pound, the hair on the wrong end is sensitive when brushed against the other hair.

Indian extension is perfect for Finnish hair. The extension is soft and strong, but thin enough to guarantee a natural-looking hair extension. Indians don’t handle their hair much, so the hair is of top quality and untreated.

Manufacture at Kinnuse’s own factory

From India, the hair is flown to Kinnunen’s own factory in Indonesia. The process of making hair takes 5-8 weeks and is mainly carried out by hand. Mechanical processing of the hair does not meet at any point in the process.

During the process, the hair is cleaned, disinfected and dyed to the desired shade. The hair is sorted so that the tyviosa and the top are of the same thickness. This is referred to as double dawn.

The world’s best extension hair

Simply Natural has been granted an ISO9001 certificate and an EU GSP customs certificate for production responsibility.

Kinnunen Oy is able to produce the best hair extension material in the world with its own factory and the best possible raw material. Due to simply natural’s high quality and ethics, the hairdresser actually has only one option when recommending extension hair. Quality is guaranteed by a three-month warranty.

Ethical choices about Blackout

At Blackout, we are passionate about everything related to hair and hair extensions. The choice of high-quality products goes much deeper in Finland than just what extensions seem. We prefer simply natural extension hair , as itis the only manufacturer whose production stages we know from the very beginning.


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