Keratin bonds or fusion bond hair extensions are the two kinds I specialize in. Even more specifically, the ones from Great Lengths Canada. I am certified by Great Lengths as a hair extension specialist and it is my passion to ensure you are given the best service and ensure you know everything you need to make your hair extensions last as long as possible without losing quality.

The Great Lengths keratin bonded hair extensions last anywhere from 3-5 months! This is all depending on how well they were installed and how well you take care of them. I give you such a rough estimate because truly it depends how well you are taking care of them.

What about when they grow out?

One of the most popular questions when people are doing an extension consultation with me is. “Will people be able to see my bonds as they grow out?” The truth is people shouldn’t be able to see them. They should look like beautiful long hair and not noticeable that you got extensions. Its important that you deal directly with a hair extension specialist who is not only trained to work specifically with the product they are installing, but one who cares.

I personally am certified with Great Lengths extensions to their standards of application how they were intended to be. They are a company who I really enjoy working with. It has been a blessing selling and applying their products to clients of mine. Their products are superior and last a great length of time. As that bonds grow out it will grow down the shaft of your hair and be slightly more difficult to style your hair. The longer your hair grows out nearing roughly the 3-5 month mark it will just become a hassle. If your hair extensions were installed properly people really should not see them at all during the first 3 months. Having someone who is careful, takes their time and is meticulous in their bonding process is important.

Will I feel my lifestyle change?

Everyone asks this. “How much will my lifestyle change?” Well, they SHOULDN’T effect your lifestyle at all. You can still pull them up and tie your hair back. The installation of them is integral to this factor, when you pull them off of your face you shouldn’t be able to see them at all.

Anything I can’t do with them?

Of all the things you should avoid-running through mud pits. spending 45 days at sea on a raft… Tanning beds, steam rooms and saunas should be avoided, hot springs with lots of steam as well. Anything with high amounts of steam and heat that could potentially soften the bond are not really something that you want to be in.


Hair product tips?

Stay away from dandruff shampoos and harsh shampoos that contain sulfates, since they can deteriorate the extension bonds. Keep conditioner away from from the bonds as much as possible; they can actually loosen the bonds and even slip off. Brush your hair: It is recommended to brush your hair at least twice a day.

You can check out the video I posted on this topic as well. It covers most of the same points. Be sure to give my YouTube channel a follow, I will be posting videos on these Great Lengths extensions over the next few weeks and answering all of the questions you might have and discussing any ideas you may have. Be sure to comment! 🙂

xo, have a great hair day!