Greying of men’s hair


The moment youth turned into adulthood

Many men who have dyed their hair have made dyes to accentuation their current hairstyles. You may have tried dyeing to bring out the sunburnt colour of surf style or highlight the best of David Beckham’s road-coloured kees. One day there may come a point when hair dyes must take into account the gray hair that has grown. In this case, the alternatives are not only the whole black potty dye presented by Silvio Berlusconi.

Alternatives are more than just a traditional colour helmet

Male hair dye offers much more than just changing the current color. When dyeing, we recommend a natural shade from which your own scalp does not shine through. The natural shade makes thinning hair more visible and at the same time creates an overall picture of bushier hair. Black-dyed hair with a light head skin brings out each individual hair.

 Alternatives to gray hair are more than just a black or light color helmet. 


Highlight gray hair instead of fighting

Ready to show off the grey hair that brings charm to your style? Removing gray hair is not always the starting point. Gray hair can successfully create personal classical cuts. We list three handy instructions for those who want to create a new twist on grey hair.

1. Silver shampoo

Use Seven Silver Shampoo if you don’t want to dye your hair. This product cleanses the hair from all the impurities it collects (e.g. oil, dust, air pollution). The product is suitable for gray hair and all light-toned hair.

Silver Shampoo folds the yellow hue in grey hair and creates a stylish charmful grayscale. One of our clients uses Silver Shampoo for their full grey hair to create shiny hair with nuances of rock style.

Use Silver Shampoo twice a week if you wash your hair with shampoo daily. Less often when you wash Silver Shampoo is enough once a week.

2. Suitable shade and proper hair care products

Many find the thinning of hair that arrives with age embarrassing and look for suitable hair models or hair products for this help. Label, which manufactures hair products.m specialises in men’s hair with its hair care products and offers a number of thickening products. Our particular favorite is label.m Thickening Tonic, which is said to increase hair volum by 20%.

Combining natural tone with bushy hair care products makes you easily more confident and forget about thinning hair.

3. Tan is suitable for light Finns

The shade of grey hair is not a real problem for most people, but many sever the imagery it has brought. Graying is easily associated with aging.

For a Light Skin Type in Finland, greying is not always the most affordable. Combining facial tan with a fresh grey hair tone, you can create a stylish classic gentleman whose gray hair combines youthful interest with life experience and health. A lot of women have molten wax in these men’s arms. One of the greyheads performing to his advantage is George Clooney, who just led his beautiful fiancée down the aisle.


You feel confident and are able to forget about thinning hair when you combine natural tone with bushy hair care products.


Tips in a nutshell:

Browse through the model images of natural dyes we collect on pinterest pages and see how dyeing your hair brings harmonic finishing and texture to the cut, removes attention to unwanted spots while bringing the desired carefreeness, vitality and shine to your hair. After making the right choices, you no longer need to wear a worn cap or collect hair in thinning points.

  • Talk to your barber and bring out your wishes in detail by using the images you bring with you. Make sure your barber understands your set goal perfectly
  • Prefer natural hair tones and avoid choosing too dark or light shades for your skin type
  • Avoid warm tones and avoid yellow tones (also called couspire-burnt shades), aiming for a matte end result instead of shine
  • Note the tone of your eyebrows when choosing the desired hair tone
  • Prefer a shorter hair pattern and clean it regularly.
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