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After bondpro+ treatment

After bondpro+ treatment, the hair feels nourished, deep-wet and feels significantly healthier. BondPro+ includes a two-step treatment, the first part of which mixes the product with color to protect the hair during dyeing. The second stage of treatment is intensive care after colour washing, which provides protection until the next treatment. Using BondPro+ does not extend the color processing time. It is a quick and simple additional service, which is why we recommend it for color treatments and separate treatment.



Very blond hair, for which protection is required during hair waxing.

Our recommendations

BondPro+ mixed with lightening products allows hair to be waxed more safely and strengthens the strand of hair during lightening treatment.


There’s going to be a change in the hue, and I need protection for my hair.

Our recommendations

BondPro+ offers great opportunities to implement hair dyes even more gently. At the same time, it strengthens strained hair.


Your hair is damaged and you want to protect it.

Our recommendations

BondPro+ helps prevent hair breakage during hair-straining treatments and protects the hair from damage.

Also as a mere treatment

BondPro+ has been in use in Blackout for a while and has proven its functionality. A significant advantage of BondPro is that it can be used as a mere salon treatment without dyeing, giving bondpro benefits without dyeing.


We compared the new hair-protecting and rebuilding treatments. Look what’s most right for you.

BondPro+ Goldwell Blackout
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