Ethicality of hair extensions

Ethicality of hair extensions

Those who dream of hair extensions often think about the origin of the hair and their ethics. Where do hair extensions come from and what does it cost? Is it ethically right to wear an extension hair?


Ethicality and quality of hair extensions

At Blackout, we use Kinnunen Oy’s Simply Natural hair for hair extensions. Choosing Simply Natural is natural especially for two reasons: high quality and ethical values. The story of simply naturalin extension hair goes back to 1999, when the company woke up to the poor overall quality of extension hair. Kinnunen as a hair company knew hairdressers’ wishes about hair quality and started developing the best extension hair in the world.

It all starts with the Tonsuuri ceremony.

Simply Natural hair originates in India. About half of Indians donate their hair at least once in their lives in connection with a religious tonsture ceremony to the gods. With hair donation, they thank their gods when a wish has come true.

Every year, millions of people travel to two temples in southern India, hoping for an answer to their prayers. Every miracle requires sacrifice to come true – and many pilgrims sacrifice their hair. By sacrificing something beautiful and important to themselves, the prayers hope that the sacrifice will fulfill the wish.

The story of the Amman family

A good example of the story of extension hair is the Amman family, which together try to reverse the bad luck that has hit them. The Amman family is in danger of losing their apartment in the Indian suburb of Chennai, Perambur.

Amma works as a cleaner, but it’s not easy. Her husband has lost his job and started drinking. At the same time, the eldest son failed in his studies. All the events have made Amman think about asking hindu gods for help. It’s not about tidying up her hair, it’s a head ride where all her 81cm long hair is shaved off.

Those who have made the sacrifice will receive financial compensation for the weight of the hair, but the money it will bring is not considered important, as the hair ride is done for reasons related to the ancient Hindu myth.

There are several versions of the myth, but they all focus on a god named Vishnu who was hit in the head with an axe. As a result of the beating, he lost some of his hair. An angel named Neela Devi offered her own hair for which Vishnu was so grateful that she decided to grant the wishes of those who sacrificed each of her hair.

Amma tells me she doesn’t know where her hair goes. When he hears, he laughs. “If it makes someone else look beautiful, I’m happy,” Amma says.

Auction of extension hair

Donated hair is auctioned in the temple and the proceeds are used to fund the temple’s activities as well as charity offering food to India’s poorest. Some of these auctioned hair ends up at simply natural’s factory. This is the only ethical way to get an extension hair because hair donation is voluntary.


Quality is visible even before surgery

To maintain the level of hair quality, the hair is braided before surgery to keep the strands of hair parallel. Fallen hair is not collected in hair folilets that go into Simply Natural production. This allows Simply Natural to guarantee that all of its hair is of Superremy quality, which means that all hair is 100% in the same direction. In the same pound, the hair on the wrong end is sensitive when brushed against the other hair.

Indian extension is perfect for Finnish hair. The extension is soft and strong, but thin enough to guarantee a natural-looking hair extension. Indians don’t handle their hair much, so the hair is of top quality and untreated.

Manufacture at Kinnuse’s own factory

From India, the hair is flown to Kinnunen’s own factory in Indonesia. The process of making hair takes 5-8 weeks and is mainly carried out by hand. Mechanical processing of the hair does not meet at any point in the process.

During the process, the hair is cleaned, disinfected and dyed to the desired shade. The hair is sorted so that the tyviosa and the top are of the same thickness. This is referred to as double dawn.

The world’s best extension hair

Simply Natural has been granted an ISO9001 certificate and an EU GSP customs certificate for production responsibility.

Kinnunen Oy is able to produce the best hair extension material in the world with its own factory and the best possible raw material. Due to simply natural’s high quality and ethics, the hairdresser actually has only one option when recommending extension hair. Quality is guaranteed by a three-month warranty.

Ethical choices about Blackout

At Blackout, we are passionate about everything related to hair and hair extensions. The choice of high-quality products goes much deeper in Finland than just what extensions seem. We prefer simply natural extension hair , as itis the only manufacturer whose production stages we know from the very beginning.


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Hair bleaching with minimal damage


How to turn blonde with minimal damage

Do you have a few shades of lightening in your hopes or do you want as light as possible?

If you have dark brown or black hair, making it light can be a real challenge. The hair should be very pale if cold platinum or gentle pastel shades are desired.

Hiusten värjääminen tummasta vaaleaksi

De-colouring products

De-colouring is still the most consuming treatment for hair, but with current professional products it is also possible to bleach as gently as possible and save hair.

With properly selected and high-quality de-colouring products made from raw materials, you will get smooth results. High-quality de-colouring products include caring ingredients that protect and nourish hair during the process and prevent hair from drying out and being damaged.

When taking lightening, it is necessary to ensure that the hair remains healthy, moisturized and well. Home care products ensure that the hair stays in the best possible condition between hairdressing visits.

De-vicarage contains effective chemicals that professionals use when working. Therefore, we recommend that you leave the most challenging dyes and the use of strong chemicals to professionals.

Hair bleaching requires complete consideration and professional consultation regarding the condition of your hair. However, there is no need to fear a bleaching. When used correctly, de-vicarage produces impressive results.

Värinpoisto pitkille hiuksille

We put up a guide for the person considering hair reduction and de-vicarage

1. Be realistic and at the same time patient with the lightening project

De-vicarage is a more long-lasting process than you think. The darker or more processed the starting point, the more likely it is that more de-colour removals will be needed.

A common misconception arises from before-and-after images, where it is easy to think that a complete colour change has occurred in a single hairdressing visit. Less often, you’ll see images of events made between processes where the color spectrum of dyeing can be dramatic before the final tint goal.


Hair darkening levels are defined on a scale of 1 to 12, of which 1 is darkest (black). The most selective base is 12 at the other end of the scale.

Depending on the hair quality, its condition and the selected lightener, one dyeing can lighten the hair by about 3-7 degrees.

All hair has a basic pigment in the background, which we call red pigmentation. In the election hair it is yellow to golden yellow orange tint, while in the dark it is red and in black it is dark red.

From black and dark hair, lightening passes through red to orange and from yellow to light. These warm pigments emerge in every lightening and require a folding tone to fold unwanted nuances away.

Hair tinting after de-vicarage is a crucial step towards achieving a beautiful, balanced color.

Hiusten vaalennus hellävaraisesti

2. Let the professional do the de-vicarage on your hair

Always de-vibrating with a hairdresser with experience in dyeing and lightening hair.

De-vibrating is the most damaging treatment of all dyeing techniques and should always be carried out by a professional. Fortunately, hair can now be protected and treated with the right product choices even during lightening. At Blackout, we use Olaplex to protect your hair from the stresses of a lightening.

It is worth remembering that in a hair salon the products are of high quality and the starting point is to perform color removals safely without damaging the hair. High-quality products and strong professionalism avoid chemical breakage of hair. Not to mention the skin lesions that have made headlines in recent years, caused by little knowledge of strong products and their effects.

The health and dyeing history of your hair affects the formula used by a professional to implement de-colouring. It is worth being completely honest with the hairdresser and telling all the chemical treatments done to your hair. Also tell us about the small dyeing experiments that may not have gone according to plan, as each treatment done with hair affects the practices and products that will be used to achieve the end result you are seeking. The best way to go from dark to light is to care for the hair snally between each lightening.

3. How to choose a hair salon

The choice of the comb shop is crucial:

  • Choose a hair salon specialising in hair dyes, which will certainly have experience in demanding hair dyes. Make sure that the hairdresser uses an olaplex for dyeing.
  • Compare the website of hairdressers and read the recommendations.
    Ask your friends where they go and forget all the hair dye offers.
  • If you are not 100% sure about the hair salon of your choice, book an appointment for testing, for example, Olaplex treatment to prepare your hair for future lightening treatment. In this case, together with the hairdresser, you can discuss the possibilities, products and techniques that he or she will use for dyeing. This will give you confidence in the hairdresser in whose hands you trust your hair.
  • A good hairdresser will give you recommendations and an estimate of the duration of the work. Also include model images of your wishes, as the image leaves no room for interpretation.
  • Tell your hairdresser exactly all the treatments done to your hair to avoid damage.
  • When booking time, please contact your chosen hair salon by phone toallow you sufficient time.
Harmaan hiuksen värjäys

4. Commit to the care of your hair even before the first de-colouring

Before de-colouring, we recommend that you visit the hairdresser for Olaplex treatment if your hair has been treated or if there are already lightenings at the bottom.

Olaplex repairs existing lesions and ensures that your hair stays in the best possible condition during the lightening process. You can start using the Olaplex home care product even before you lighten your hair and continue your home care routine after the bleaching.

What kind of compromises are you willing to make in terms of the care and design of your hair?
Hair heat treatments and straightening dry the hair and remove moisture from it. If you’re used to washing and straightening your hair daily, de-vicarage may not be the best possible base for your routine. In addition to your changed styling plans, you may need to shorten your hair after de-vi coloring to make the dry tops of your hair look healthy again.

5. Book your next visit immediately and invest in the right home care products

The next time should be agreed on about 4-6 weeks, when the hair growth is still low. If the winter growth grows long, there is a risk that it will remain in a different shade when lightened. In this case, a correction is needed to smooth the shades and further de-colouring, causing the lengths to suffer and the hair to dry unnecessarily.

If you don’t want to visit a hairdresser every four weeks, it’s worth considering whether the striping of the sheath would be your thing instead of bleaching. Striping helps to avoid the sight of steady winter growth, fading it beautifully from dark to light.

Consider not lightening the stable area if you don’t mind a darker shed. In this case, your scalp avoids the stresses of bleach. The dark low usually gives a beautiful depth to the light lengths.

It should also be remembered that platinum blondes need home care products that maintain a cold tone as home care products, neutralizing unwanted yellow and warm shades of hair. In fashion colours, home care is also of great importance, as fashion colours fade quickly in washes. In this case, prepare to update your tone yourself between home hairdressing visits.

Healthy and well-maintained hair keeps shades better than dry and processed hair.
For this reason, we recommend high-quality hairdressing products selected for your hair as home care products. Keep your hair moisturized and nourished with caring and buildable intensive treatments. Reduce hair straightening and always use a heat protection product as styling products.

Greying of men’s hair


The moment youth turned into adulthood

Many men who have dyed their hair have made dyes to accentuation their current hairstyles. You may have tried dyeing to bring out the sunburnt colour of surf style or highlight the best of David Beckham’s road-coloured kees. One day there may come a point when hair dyes must take into account the gray hair that has grown. In this case, the alternatives are not only the whole black potty dye presented by Silvio Berlusconi.

Alternatives are more than just a traditional colour helmet

Male hair dye offers much more than just changing the current color. When dyeing, we recommend a natural shade from which your own scalp does not shine through. The natural shade makes thinning hair more visible and at the same time creates an overall picture of bushier hair. Black-dyed hair with a light head skin brings out each individual hair.

 Alternatives to gray hair are more than just a black or light color helmet. 


Highlight gray hair instead of fighting

Ready to show off the grey hair that brings charm to your style? Removing gray hair is not always the starting point. Gray hair can successfully create personal classical cuts. We list three handy instructions for those who want to create a new twist on grey hair.

1. Silver shampoo

Use Seven Silver Shampoo if you don’t want to dye your hair. This product cleanses the hair from all the impurities it collects (e.g. oil, dust, air pollution). The product is suitable for gray hair and all light-toned hair.

Silver Shampoo folds the yellow hue in grey hair and creates a stylish charmful grayscale. One of our clients uses Silver Shampoo for their full grey hair to create shiny hair with nuances of rock style.

Use Silver Shampoo twice a week if you wash your hair with shampoo daily. Less often when you wash Silver Shampoo is enough once a week.

2. Suitable shade and proper hair care products

Many find the thinning of hair that arrives with age embarrassing and look for suitable hair models or hair products for this help. Label, which manufactures hair products.m specialises in men’s hair with its hair care products and offers a number of thickening products. Our particular favorite is label.m Thickening Tonic, which is said to increase hair volum by 20%.

Combining natural tone with bushy hair care products makes you easily more confident and forget about thinning hair.

3. Tan is suitable for light Finns

The shade of grey hair is not a real problem for most people, but many sever the imagery it has brought. Graying is easily associated with aging.

For a Light Skin Type in Finland, greying is not always the most affordable. Combining facial tan with a fresh grey hair tone, you can create a stylish classic gentleman whose gray hair combines youthful interest with life experience and health. A lot of women have molten wax in these men’s arms. One of the greyheads performing to his advantage is George Clooney, who just led his beautiful fiancée down the aisle.


You feel confident and are able to forget about thinning hair when you combine natural tone with bushy hair care products.


Tips in a nutshell:

Browse through the model images of natural dyes we collect on pinterest pages and see how dyeing your hair brings harmonic finishing and texture to the cut, removes attention to unwanted spots while bringing the desired carefreeness, vitality and shine to your hair. After making the right choices, you no longer need to wear a worn cap or collect hair in thinning points.

  • Talk to your barber and bring out your wishes in detail by using the images you bring with you. Make sure your barber understands your set goal perfectly
  • Prefer natural hair tones and avoid choosing too dark or light shades for your skin type
  • Avoid warm tones and avoid yellow tones (also called couspire-burnt shades), aiming for a matte end result instead of shine
  • Note the tone of your eyebrows when choosing the desired hair tone
  • Prefer a shorter hair pattern and clean it regularly.

BondPro+ A Recommendations


After bondpro+ treatment

After bondpro+ treatment, the hair feels nourished, deep-wet and feels significantly healthier. BondPro+ includes a two-step treatment, the first part of which mixes the product with color to protect the hair during dyeing. The second stage of treatment is intensive care after colour washing, which provides protection until the next treatment. Using BondPro+ does not extend the color processing time. It is a quick and simple additional service, which is why we recommend it for color treatments and separate treatment.



Very blond hair, for which protection is required during hair waxing.

Our recommendations

BondPro+ mixed with lightening products allows hair to be waxed more safely and strengthens the strand of hair during lightening treatment.


There’s going to be a change in the hue, and I need protection for my hair.

Our recommendations

BondPro+ offers great opportunities to implement hair dyes even more gently. At the same time, it strengthens strained hair.


Your hair is damaged and you want to protect it.

Our recommendations

BondPro+ helps prevent hair breakage during hair-straining treatments and protects the hair from damage.

Also as a mere treatment

BondPro+ has been in use in Blackout for a while and has proven its functionality. A significant advantage of BondPro is that it can be used as a mere salon treatment without dyeing, giving bondpro benefits without dyeing.


We compared the new hair-protecting and rebuilding treatments. Look what’s most right for you.

BondPro+ Goldwell Blackout

Comparison: Olaplex, FIBREPLEX, Wellaplex, & Others

Comparison: Olaplex, FIBREPLEX, Wellaplex, Niophlex, BondPro+, colorpHlex™, ProCortexx, ESLABONDEXX, Smartbond, Pro Fiber

Over the past few years, products have come on the market from several manufacturers that have revolutionised hair discount and dyeing. How do vaalennuksen wonders differ?

Plan your next time & Start change


Make Appointment

Damaged hair is one of women’s biggest concerns. Constant straightening, styling and dyeing of hair easily causes damage to the hair and a scruffy appearance. This has also been noticed by companies, many of which have developed solutions to the problem. Over the past year, solutions have come on the market from several manufacturers to make bolder dyes and lightening more safely.

Over the past year, social media and women’s magazines have been filled with hair dyeing techniques for hair-protecting and rebuilding treatments. Olaplex, FIBREPLEX, Wellaplex, Niophlex, BondPro+, colorpHlex™, ProCortexx, ESLABONDEXX, Smartbond and Pro Fiber have stepped forward. The message has been powered by radical celebrity transformational images, in which dark hair has turned into bright blondes once and for all without visible hair damage.




KC Miraculos


Olaplex is a product that has gained great popularity, partly with the help of public figures. Olaplex is the explanation for the incomprehensible metamorphosis of many celebrities .

The purpose of Olaplex is to prevent damage to broken bridges in the hair and to repair already damaged sulfur bridges. The Olaplex treatment itself is three parts. The first two steps are carried out in the hair salon and the third as home care. The first Olaplex phase prevents normal break-ups of the sulfur bridges in the fibre layer of hair that occur in oxidation treatment (color and permis). The substance also begins repairing already damaged sulfur exchanges. The second part of the Olaplex phase ties the sulfur bridges in the hair firmly to each other. In the third stage – home care – the final results of the treatment will be maintained until the next hairdressing treatment.

Olaplex says that its product is a completely new type of chemistry that has not been used in hair products before. The new innovation makes the hair stronger and better in every use. Olaplex fits and works in all kinds of hair and in all condition, heavily treated as well as untreated. It also does not depend on color series characters. Olaplex does not need to be used only for lightening, it is also suitable for use in chemical treatments as intensive care.

Olaplex - Paras valinta





Schwarzkopf’s novelty FIBREPLEX’s technology seems very similar to that of Olaplex, but it offers a few interesting features.

FIBRE PLEX says three-part treatment reduces hair damage by up to 94%.

FIBRE Like Olaplex, PLEX is done during dyeing, and the treatment can also be carried out separately without dyeing. FIBRE PLEX works with all bleaching and dyeing systems, and the purpose of the treatment is to protect the hair from damage during bleaching and striping, as well as to give the hair shine, elastia and fitness.






Wellaplex’s promises are light, stronger and light. Wellaplex repairs damage that occurs during dyeing or lightening.

The confusing Opti pH System technology utilized by Wellaplex (yet another) rebuilts damaged intra-hair bridges between amino acid chains. It makes broken, rough, dry or otherwise unfit hair liven up, getting stronger, more flexible and more manageable hair. The treatment consists of three products, one of which is a home care product. You can get the full benefit of salon care with a home care product. The purpose of the home care product is to maintain the good condition of the hair.





Niophlex treatment is a three-step and two-acting treatment method that strengthens the structure of damaged hair while preventing further damage in chemical treatments. It creates a protective polymer film on the surface of the hair that preserves the repairs to the hair and prevents damage during chemical treatments. The protection is based on phytokeramide extracted from rice.





BondPro+ consists of two products that work together to prevent the stresses of chemical treatments. Bondpro is suitable for all types of hair. It protects and strengthens hair during dyeing, lightening and structural treatments. BondPro is also suitable for use as a salon treatment only. Salon treatment provides CPR and deep-ravening hair. It also strengthens the strand of hair and supports the durability of kerthic tissues. Products and treatments are 100% customized for Goldwell products.


Olaplex - Paras valinta





ColorpHlex ™ two-part treatment treatment that protects and strengthens hair during lightening and dyeing while preventing damage and breakage of the hair. The product can be used for all color sets and hair dyes to protect the structure of the hair during lightening, dyeing and gloss treatments. Two-part treatment is continued at home with a home care product.

colorpHlex™ hair resistance and texture from the inside. colorpHlex™ says it uses natural plant protein molecules that penetrate deep into the hair and strengthen them during the dyeing and bleaching process. Adding even a small amount ™ colorpHlex to a hair dye or bleach makes hair four times stronger and greatly reduces hair damage and restores the natural state of the hair. colorpHlex™ products are suitable for vegans, celiaacs and work for all hair types. Treatment can also be carried out separately without dyeing.




Grazette of Sweden


Chemical treatments of hair always damage the hair, making them dry and lifeless. Grazette of Sweden is a Swedish company that has launched a hair protection product called ProCortexx during chemical treatment. It is reported to penetrate deep inside the hair, bringing moisture to the hair and strengthening the hair from the inside. The result is shiny hair that is easy to comb.

The ProCortexx product line includes three-part processing: Step 1 protects and creates new bindings. Step 2 is corrective and strengthening while moisturizing and bringing elastia to the hair. Step 3 is home care for the maintenance of ProCortexx processing.





ESLABONDEXX is designed to prevent hair damage even before the damage starts. Chemical treatment always damages the hair and damages the internal dressings of the hair. Damage makes the hair dry, brittle and weak.

ESLABONDEXX protects and makes already damaged hair look healthier and shiny. It is used in connection with dyeing, waxing or permanent, as well as a structural location treatment. It is suitable for both chemically treated and untreated hair, but it is not recommended for hair that is in poor condition.

ESLABONDEXX creates a film on the surface of the hair that protects the hair from hot hair braces, for example.




L’Oréal Professionnel

Smartbond is a treatment method developed by L’Oréal that will make it safer to dye your hair. The purpose of hair care is to give the hair complete protection before dyeing or bleaching. The Smartbond treatment package is three-step, the first two parts of which are carried out in a hair salon. The treatment method prevents the hair from being damaged during waxing, dyeing and structural treatments. It protects the broken bridges of the hair and repairs already broken ones. Smartbond gives a cleaner lightening result and ensures uniform color even in damaged hair.


Pro Fiber


L’Oréal Professionnel


Pro Fiber is a long-term corrective hair care kit suitable for different hair types, as the treatment has three different customizable treatment options. It is based on APTYL 100 technology that protects, repairs and rebuilds hair. Pro Fiber forms a protective film on the surface of the hair and acts like a protective shield against hot straightening backgrounds, for example. It also gives the hair a soft silky feel.

The treatment is based on the Aptyl 100 molecule, which has two active parts:

  • aminosilane works inside the hair by filling the hair fiber
  • cationic polymer makes a film that protects the surface of the hair


Olaplex kampaamo Helsinki
Olaplex - Paras valinta

Comparison winner

Our choice was focused on two products: Olaplex and BondPro+, which performed more often in different areas. With these, we have done countless treatments with a wide variety of hair. The superiority of the duo grew the worse the starting point for the hair. Not everything is possible either, so you can’t call them miracles. However, with the right uses, they will create bolder and brighter stabilitys.

These products do not create a coating on the surface of the hair, but penetrate deeper inside the hair, repairing and preventing damage to chemical treatments. The advantage of BondPro is that it is 100% customized to the Goldwell colors we use.


Final statement

The hairdressing industry is constantly evolving and industry manufacturers are constantly introducing new products to enable different dyes and even more spectacular end results.

Olaplex, FIBREPLEX, Wellaplex, Niophlex, BondPro+, colorpHlex™, ProCortexx, ESLABONDEXX, Smartbond and Pro Fiber all strive for the same result, but do so by various means. The products make bolder waxing easier and easier, but they still don’t make everything possible. There are no miracle substances, and the author is still required to have solid expertise. Professionalism remains the most important aspect of chemical treatments.

Two products from different manufacturers emerged as our superior favorite products: Olaplex and BondPro+. These products do not create a coating on the surface of the hair, but penetrate deeper inside the hair, repairing and preventing damage to chemical treatments. The advantage of BondPro is that it is 100% customized to the Goldwell colors we use.

These are completely different products, all of which tell us that they are doing the same thing: repairing damaged hair. After the first two washes, the hair of all brands was in good condition and there were no major differences. After the fourth wash, it was clear which products coated the hair with silicone. These hairs did not repair sulfur bridges, but sought to create a shiny but temporary surface with silicone. Without further treatment at home, this hair quickly felt damaged and dry. In addition to images, shine is all they can offer.

The promotional texts of the products must be able to consider what advertising speech is and what kind of results are actually possible. Many manufacturers tend to use fine praise to create positive images of the results and effects, even if the product itself contains only silicone.

In comparison: Olaplex, FIBREPLEX, Wellaplex, Niophlex, BondPro+, colorpHlex™, ProCortexx, ESLABONDEXX, Smartbond and Pro Fiber

Possible with extensions        
Does not extend the time        
Suitable for dyed and untreated hair        
Home care product as a recommendation        
Repairing sulfur bridges        
Protects sulfur sulfur sidings from damage        
Coats the hair        
Works heavily on treated hair        
Works on untreated hair        
Heat enhances impact        
Treatment treatment can be done with a home care product only Yes, but the best and most effective result is obtained when the treatment carried out in the hair salon is at the bottom. Yes, but the best and most effective result is obtained when the treatment carried out in the hair salon is at the bottom. Yes, but the best and most effective result is obtained when the treatment carried out in the hair salon is at the bottom. BondPro+ treatment does not have a home care product
Possible with extensions          
Does not extend the time          
Suitable for dyed and untreated hair          
Home care product as a recommendation          
Repairing sulfur bridges          
Protects sulfur sulfur sidings from damage          
Coats the hair          
Works heavily on treated hair          
Works on untreated hair          
Heat enhances impact          
Treatment treatment can be done with a home care product only Yes, but the best and most effective result is obtained when the treatment carried out in the hair salon is at the bottom. Yes, but the best and most effective result is obtained when the treatment carried out in the hair salon is at the bottom. Yes, but the best and most effective result is obtained when the treatment carried out in the hair salon is at the bottom. Yes, but the best and most effective result is obtained when the treatment carried out in the hair salon is at the bottom. Yes, but the best and most effective result is obtained when the treatment carried out in the hair salon is at the bottom.